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Charles Wilkes Phelps

Not much is known of Charles, having passed away at only 3, but these entries in Morris' "Alpine Day Book" talk of his death. 

Sunday, Mar. 16. A cold day. Charles Wilks, my son, very sick with the measles. I went to meeting.

Monday. Mar. 17. Charles no better. A cold day. Joseph went after a yoke of steers belonging to E. T. Clark.

Tuesday, Mar. 18. Charles was very sick. I did nothing but wait on him. Joseph returned. Did not get the steers. He brought home a heifer that I had running on the lake bottom.

Wednesday, Mar. 19. Charles a little better but a very sick child with the lung fever that follows the measles.

Thursday, Mar. 20. Charles no better. Several elders called this evening and prayed for him. He was relieved a little.

Friday, Mar. 21. Charles remains about the same.

Saturday, Mar. 22. Charles remains very sick and not expected to live.

Sunday, Mar. 23. Charles was thought to be a little better. I went to meeting in the evening.

Monday, Mar. 24. Charles not so well.

Tuesday, Mar. 25. Charles is no better.

 Wednesday, Mar. 26. Charles is worse. At one O'clock in the morning I thought he was dying. I ordained him a high priest and blessed him. He revived up through the day and at night was very bad.

Thursday, Mar. 27. I do not know that Charles is any better. Joseph M. is very sick with the measles. I planted some onion seed. Charles died today at half past one. He is 3 feet 2 inches high, 3 years 11 months and 19 days old.

Friday, Mar. 28. It is one O'clock. I have made Charles' coffin. We are now ready to start to the grave. Three O'clock. Just returned from the grave yard on the mound in Alpine City.

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