Coleman Home

Lue Annie Coleman Matthews

Lue Annie Coleman, affectionately known as Lute, was the first daughter, second child in the family of John and Annie Coleman. She was born March 4, 1895 in Mesa. Just after her 18th birthday, she met and married Ralph Vince Matthews, Aug. 13, 1913. It was a perfect match; never were two people more compatible.
Lute and Ralph had five children, only two of which survived them, Ralph Bernard, their oldest, and John Russell, their youngest. Their second child, Elmer Vince lived only five months, and their first daughter, Louise, died in the 1919 influenza epidemic, just one year of age. Their daughter Helen, born June l8,1921,was never well, but lived 21 years.  John was born Feb. 12, 1925.

Lute was saddened by her mother’s death in 1917, so she and Ralph moved into the family home to help take care of the kids, but when John Coleman remarried in 1920, she and Ralph moved to a home at 512 West Dana in Mesa. They soon became a stabilizing force with all of her brothers and sisters as well as many of her nieces and nephews. Many of Lute’s brothers and sisters moved in with them so they could go to school.  She never turned any one away. She was a rare person of great compassion, a great sense of humor and was a friend to all. Her home was the family
gathering place

Lute was not with out “hard times.” In December 1938 their house burned down and they were in the process of rebuilding when the following March 16, 1939, Ralph died. it was at that time she decided she needed to go to work and she found a job in the Maricopa County Treasurers’ Office where she worked for more than 24 years. On her retirement when asked why she began working in 1941, she commented, “My husband had just passed away and I had an invalid daughter, a boy in high school and our home had burned the year before.” Lute was a master of the tax laws and it was a great loss to the department when she retired.

She was content without all the modem conveniences, satisfied with her home, family and friends. The most important thing in her life was her family, her two sons and her grandchildren. At the time of her death, Oct. 26, 1983, she had lived at 512 W. Dana for over 63 years. She had eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

                                                                                                                Lute and Aunt Lucrecia  


                 Ralph Cleaning up after fire in 1938

                           Ralph, Helen, and Lute


Lute, Elmer, and Hazel

Lue Ann Coleman Matthews

Ralph, Lute and Bernard