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Minnie Bell Coleman Waddell

Minnie Bell, the fifth child and second daughter born to John Thomas and Annie Laura Phelps Coleman was born may 30, 1900 at Mesa, Arizona. Minnie loved life and was full of vim and vigor. She was especially liked by the other girls and later in her teens she was known to dance until the sun came up.

Naomi used to talk about the dances at Gilbert and how much fun they had. She said, “Minnie and I would walk to any place just to go to a dance. We always knew we had a ride home from someone.” Minnie had a great sense of humor and loved life. She was jovial and loved to laugh. Her stature, typical of most Coleman women, was a little round and robust.

In her youth, Minnie was baptized a member of the LDS Church on June 6, 1908 by 0. S. Stapley and was confirmed the following day by James M. Horne.

Minnie married June 30, 1918 to William (Bill) Waddell. She had worked at various jobs in her youth, but after she and Bill were married, they heard there was work in the oil fields of California, so off they went. They ended up in Long Beach, then later made their home in the Bakersfield area where they remained for most of their lives.

Bill and Minnie had four children two of whom died in infancy.

Minnie died in Bakersfield, Calif. March 19, 1977.


Bill, Minnie and Kenneth

Bill and Minnie Waddell