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Wayne Ellsworth and Mary Zoe Hill Phelps
Children:  Wayne Irwin, Denna Jean, Stephen Edwin, John Lafe

Wayne Ellsworth Phelps was born in Mesa, the third child of Gove and Effie Phelps. An older brother, Kenned, died shortly after birth. Wayne’s older sister, Maxine Lines, lives in Mesa, as does his younger brother, Worth. Another brother, Rex, died in 1979.

Wayne attended Mesa schools and graduated from Mesa Union High School. He was in the grocery business in Mesa for over 50 years, working for the Pay ‘N Takit market and then his own business, Phelps Market, on Main Street adjoining the Rext Hotel. Later he established the Cost Plus Ten Market on South Sirrine Street.

Wayne also had other business ventures during his lifetime, including the Times Theater on South Macdonald and a wholesale grocery business on South Drew, both in Mesa. he worked long, hard hours his entire life, and still enjoys a hard days work well into his eighth decade. He married Mary Zoe Hill on Mar. 20, 1934 and they were the parents of five children, who have given them 24 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.  Wayne and Zoe have blessed the lives of their family and countless others with the fruits of their hard labors.

Wayne and Zoe have traveled extensively during their lifetimes, including three trips around the world, nearly all of the 50 states, Mexico, Central and South America.

He has served in various positions in the Church, including being a member of several High Councils, and the Bishopric. He and Zoe have filled several full-time missions for the Church. They served in England for 18 months, at the Washington, D.C. Temple Visitor’ s Center for six months, and in Cherokee, North Carolina for six months.

1. Wayne Irwin Phelps, md. 22 Apr1955, Lois Eileen Stonely
     a. Michael Irwin Phelps, md. 19 Apr1980, Susan Braithwaite
     b. Brent Ellsworth Phelps
     c. Mark Stonely Phelps, md. 17 Aug 1988, Krista Maria Digney
2. Denna Jean Phelps, md. 21 Jun 1957, Richard Leonard Millett
     a. Zoane Miller, md. 2 Nov 1984, Kevin Burton Weed
     b. Diane Millet
     c. Richard Leonard Millett Jr., md. 1 Aug 1985, Julie Whitlock
     d. Timothy Wayne Millett
     e. Karen Millett, md. 14 May 1987, Jeffrey Dermont Bell
     f. Lisa Millet, md. 21 May 1993, Nathan Fisher
     g. Randall Howard Miliett, b. 20 Nov. 1975
3. Stephen Edwin Phelps, md. 19 Dec 1964, Carolei Ferrin
     a. Stephen Kent Phelps, md. 13 Jul 1990 Wendy Joann Wheeler
     b. Starlyn Phelps, md. 30 May 1992, Preston Sreeve Peterson
     c. Cristine Phelps, md. 13 Aug 1990, Stanley Glen Roberts
     d. James Edwin Phelps. b. 3 Aug 1972
     e. Merilana Phelps, b. 11 Aug 1975
     f. Melody Phelps, b. 27 Nov 1976
     g. Jared Hite Phelps, b. 24 Aug 1978
     h. Cindy Phelps, b. 10 Oct 1980
     i. Tara Phelps, b. 26 Mar 1983
     j. Nathan Wayne Phelps
4. John Lafe Phelps, md. 18 Aug 1979, Carolynn Huber
     a. Elena Phelps,
     b. Karl Eugene Phelps
     c. Paula Phelps
     d. Glen Alan Phelps
5. Russell LeGrand Phelps, b 7Apr 1952