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Mary Laurett Phelps

August 17, 1874 a precious bundle from heaven came to the home of Hyrum Smith Phelps and Mary Elilzabeth Bingham and she was named Mary Laurett Phelps. She was born while they still lived in Montpeher, Idaho.

She was of a loving nature, and she and her half- brother Perry played together most of the time. Perry took the terrible disease diptheria and died at the age of two and a half, on 8 Sept. 1876, and just eleven days
later, little Mary Laurett was stricken with the same thing, passing away September 19, 1876.
In the few days after Perry died, she would call, “Pay-y! Come out and pay.” She was just tall enough to raise up on her tiptoes and look in the window and call in her sweet voice.

She was their first child, and it was indeed hard to give her up after so short a time on the earth, for they had learned to love her very much.