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Elizabeth Phelps, third daughter and fifth child of Orson Ashael and Rebecca H. Allen Phelps was born in Mesa, July 21, 1917. Early schooling was in
Goodyear and Chandler where Rebecca taught school. Beginning with the 6th grade until high school graduation in 1934, she attended the Mesa schools.
Many school days were missed because of serious asthma problems. Some of those days were spent with Rebecca’s sister, Adelaide Peterson, and others
with Orson’s sister, Hattie Miller, until she was able to care for herself. Fortunately, she outgrew this malady as the years went by.

The Phelps home was filled with spirituality, love and music. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was stressed, and the development of natural talents encouraged.
With all that encouragement from family and teachers, Elizabeth was called upon to sing often, including funerals of dear relatives, her high school music
teacher, Harry Harelson, prepared her to audition for a scholarship to attend Arizona State Teachers College in Flagstaff (Now NAU). She became a teacher,
certified to teach music in all grades, elementary through high school. The majority of her 30 years of teaching were in choral music. In 1981 she was
awarded the Arizona Music Educator of the Year. In 1995 she received the Retired Music Educator Service Award.

It was at ASTC that Elizabeth met and, after two ye of teaching, married John C. White, a boy raised in Oatman, Arizona. He was an educator too, and
when he retired he had served 30 years as a teacher and administrator in Arizona schools, mainly Mesa.

Elizabeth and John have filled many positions in the church. They served a mission in New Zealand, with John as director of the Visitors’ Center in
Temple View. They have been blessed with three children who have been married in the Arizona Temple. The children and 17 grandchildren bring honor
to their names. 



John and Elizabeth with 10 of their 28 great-grandchildren.  Listed L-R with Parents name in parentheses.
Lars Larson (Jennifer White Larson), Riley Larson (Jennifer White Larson), Devin (Kevin White), Ashlynn White (Jason White),
Evan Egan (Christian Egan), Tucker Mear (Kelly Egan Mear), Brinnley White (Jason White), Ella Mear (Kelly Egan Mear),
Spencer White (John Bennett White) and Annie White (John Bennett White).

Elizabeth Phelps , md. John C. White,
    1. John C. White Jr., md. 3 Jun 1970, Carol Ann Smith,
        a. Jason Todd White
        b. Kevin Orson White
        c. Jennifer White
        d. John Bennett White
    2. Kathryn White, md, Robert Marshall Egan
        a, Erik Robert Egan, md. 24 Apr 1992, Julie Jarvis
        b. John Benson Egan
        c. Emily Egan
        d. Elizabeth Egan
        e. Christian Egan
        f Kelly Egan
        g. Robert Marshall Egan Jr.
    3. Debora White, md. 3 Mar 1973 Kenneth Hansen, (div)
        a. Grady Hale Hansen
        2nd md. 8 Apr 1977, Gary Clark Boyd
        b. Joshua Remington
        c. Jedediah White Boyd
        Born to Gary Clark Boyd and Marjorie Boyd, 1st wfe but reared by Debora
        d. Gary C. Boyd Jr.
        e. Christopher Matthew Boyd
        f Benjamin Andrew Boyd