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Lewis Ashael Phelps
Muriel Brimhall
Children:  Lewis Allen, Laura Jo, Jay Russell, Melvin Douglas

I was born in Mesa in 1909, the second child of Orson and Rebecca Phelps. I had a happy childhood. I graduated from Mesa High School in 1927 then was called on a mission to the British Mission. I spent one year in Scotland and one year in England. I returned from my mission during the depression. My cousin Gove Allen and I went to Flagstaff to Arizona State Teachers College where I graduated in 1936. I was hired to teach at Franklin School in Mesa as a physical education teacher and coach. Later I was principal of the old Webster School which was then a segregated school with grades one through five. They were Mexican children, and I loved them all.

Later I was assigned to the Audio/Visual Department of the Mesa district. All together, I was with the Mesa Public Schools for 37 years.

I married Muriel Brimhall in 1937. We are parents of eight children who have given us 37 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren-I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and family.

In the l950s we bought lots on West University Avenue with my cousin, Dr. Ben Allen. Our wives were cousins. We built homes on the lots with enough room between for a horseshoe court. We both enjoyed that sport when we had time. After our family was raised and University became a main east-west thoroughfare, we built a house and moved to the other end of the lot on West 4th Place.

Iím proud to belong to the Phelps clan; they are all special

1. Lewis Allen Phelps, md,  Emma Jean Frodsham
     a. Michele Phelps, md. Ronald Grant Ekins
     b. Eisa Phelps
     c. Allyson Phelps
     d. Bradley Allen Phelps
2. Laura Jo Phelps,  md. Howard LaVarr Roberts Jr.
     a. Natalie Roberts, md. Richard Charles Edward Gate,
     b. L.aurel Roberts, md. Jeffrey Mack Frost
     c. Celia Roberts, md. Valdean Allen Johnson
     d. Craig LaVarr Roberts, md. Julie Marie Judd
     e. Rhoda Roberts, md. David E. Anderson
     f. Samuel Lewis Roberts, md. Lori Lee Ward
     g. Leah Roberts, md. Derek Dennis Allen Peterson
     h. Nathan David Roberts
3. Jay Russell Phelps
, md.  Mellani John
     a. Reesa Phelps
     b. Blair Russell Phelps, twin,
     c. Dason LaMell Phelps, twin,
4. Melvin Douglas Phelps, md. Linda Sue Bailey
     b. Gregory Allen Phelps
     c. Todd Daniel Phelps
     d. Darin Douglas Phelps
     e. Andrew David Phelps
     f. Melinda Phelps
5. Norris Darwin Phelps, md. Beth Cluff
     a. Christina Phelps md. Jonathan Hale
     b. Lori Phelps md. Ryan Cal Roberts
     c. Rachel Phelps md. Curtis Kempton
     d. Benjamin Eric Phelps md. Jessica Cox
     e. Scott Jacob Phelps
     f. Stephen Norris Phelps
6. RoseAnn Phelps, md. Kay Scott Porter
     a. Regina Porter
     b. Jeffery Kay Porter md. Rebecca Taylor
Samuel Scott Porter
          2. Brisa Dawn Porter
          3. Joshua Lewis Porter

     c. Erika Porter
     d. Blaine Phelps Porter md. Elena Collette
7. Barbara Phelps, md. Dale Merle Hathcock
     a. Jennifer Hathcock md. Rand Lemmon
     b. Matthew Lewis Hathcock
8. Heather Phelps, md. Melvin Skouson Frost
     a. Melvin Nathaniel Frost
     b. Aubree Leigh Frost
     c. Rebecca Diane Frost9
     d. Caleb Alma Frost