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Reuel Nephi Pomeroy
20 April 1901 - 20 May 1984

Reuel was born April 20,1901 in Mesa, Ariz. to Elijah Pomeroy and Sarah Lucretia Phelps.
Reuel was the last child of that union, and the only one to live long enough to marry and have
children. He attended school in Mesa and Snowflake, and when he was 16, he lied about his
age and enlisted in the Army in World War I, spending his time as an engineer in England
and France. After returning from the service, Reuel served a mission in the Central States
Mission,  1919-1921.

Several odd jobs later found Reuel with a desire to attend law school. he graduated from the
University of San Francisco Law School. In San Francisco he met Helen De Lucia. Reuel
had been married previously (no children), and after entering the military again during World
War II, he proposed to Helen by mail and she joined him in Killeen, Tex. (Ft. Hood) where
they were married in 1943. Helen joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and
they were sealed in the Mesa Temple after moving to Mesa in 1944.

Reuel moved to Superior, Arizona where he practiced law until his retirement in 1966. He
was active in the Superior Branch of the Church, holding a variety of positions, including
Branch President. His office on Superiorís Main Street was an insurance agency, deputy
county assessorís office, law office, loan office and several other minor functions.

Loren, Reuel, Marion, Helen, Gary

In 1966 the family moved to Orem, Utah and in 1968, Reuel, Helen and their youngest son, Gary, went to Florence, Italy where they spent two years. Helen had
been born in Italy, and they enjoyed that time immensely. After returning, Reuel decided to spend much of his time doing temple work, and he completed as many
as 800 endowments in one year, often spending all day in the Provo Temple while Helen was at work at BYU. Reuel died May 20, 1984.

Addendum - Gary Pomeroy writes:

My parents met at the draft board in San Francisco after the Pearl Harbor attack - Dad was a member of the Board and my mother was a secretary there.  Also they
had 3 girls, all of whom died in infancy or very young - Monita, born and died 1944 (1 day old), Delores, born 1949 died 1954, and Denise born and died 1957 ( 1 month old).

-Gary L Pomeroy


Marion Reuel Pomeroy
Monita Helen Pomeroy
Loren Phelps Pomeroy
Delores Maria Pomeroy
Gary Louis Pomeroy
Denise Suzanne Pomeroy