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Garrett's talk "Jesus and June"

Aaron's talk on Father's Day 08*
Amanda's Talk on Father's day*
Aaron's talk on the Plan of Salvation*

*Thank you letters from church general authorities.

*Questions from dad's interview with boxer Gene Tunney.

*A funny reminder to mom from the Stake Presidency.

*A talk mom wrote about Christmas.

*Dad's recommend to witness mom and Pegs baptism
in the Arizona temple.
He ended up performing the

*The one and only page in dad's journal. (Though he
did eventually write a life history.)

*Funeral arrangements for Philip M. Coleman.

*John T. Coleman's Death Certificate.

*John T. Coleman's Obituary.


  Annie L. Phelps Coleman Funeral Arrangements.*

Letter to dad from Mary Inez Phelps.*

A very interesting letter from dad to his cousins Wilmer
and Minnie Phelps.*

The sale of "Coleman Ranch".*

Part 1 of Grandma McCormacks Cook Book.

Peg remembering mom's conversion, baptism, and missionary work and dad being called to the bishopric.

From Dad to Jack





From Mom to Jack


Letter from Elder Bunker


Mike on his mission meets
a family that adored Jack.

1980 or 81

  Morris Phelps History written in his own hand.