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Thank you for visiting this website.  It's purpose is to hopefully put in one place as much information as possible about the life and families of Morris Phelps .  My name is Michael Coleman. I am a great-great grandson of Morris Phelps.  I have always been intrigued by the history of Morris Phelps, and  I have grown to love him and appreciate the rich heritage I have.  My hope is that this site will be used not only by my family, but that through the wonders of the web, many will benefit from the information shared on this site.  I try hard to give credit to the sources that I have used, but if I have missed something please let me know.  If you have information that might be of interest or would like me to link to your family website please let me know.  My information is on the Contact Page.  I am in no way the authority on the life of Morris Phelps, but would like to be.  Thanks for your help.


                                    Michael Coleman